A life of moment to moment trials and tribulations.
Domestic battles on the inside.
A partnership in constant conflict.
Like in a marriage, ie. the wife feels neglected, and the husband rejected, and their expressions of this end up hurting one another causing a disconnect, damaging the union.
The union becomes a war of opponents.
The issue lies in the incongruent perceptions between the two, as one comes from the mind, & the other comes from the heart.
This is bipolar…the battle of the two sides.
Masculine Mind vs. Feminine Heart

“I’m in a walking Domestic battle, and we are stuck at stalemate.☯️” ~ Violet Rays Jane

*What the world has painted as mental illness, is actually an energetic multidimensional battle of power. Emotions, mental programs, & multi-generational traumas all vibrating together in one vessel can cause a turbine of dis-ease. Given the labelling identity of any mental illness takes your power as much as the labouring loss of initial power where its rooted. Each of these aspects hold energy, and yin or yang dominance. Healing begins when you begin to quiet the mind, & open the heart to releasing stuck energies to make space for higher vibrations. Allowing and accepting all sides, all energies, & all perceptions, giving each component life, in order for it’s death, with intention to give birth to a new spacial expression. Each fragment of lower density energy released, makes room for a fragment of soul consciousness to return home.*

☆Streamline and Simplify your Awakening Healing journey of Ascension☆

♡Deep Divine Coaching – Life strategies with Intuitive guidance to shift your perception, help un-program your mind, and align you with your Higher Self. Inner DF/DM balance, conscious awareness to ancestral lineage, past lives & pattern breaking, relationship guidance, nutritional support, addictions and mental health counselling, empowering spiritual & energetic practices, tools & activities for shadow work.

♡Cosmic Energy Healing Sessions – Galactic Shamanic healing that will clear your auric field, open your chakras, activate your merkaba, rid you of curses, spells, soul contracts, connect you with your guides & star family, entity extraction and soul retrieval.

♡Intuitive Reading – Ask about all areas of your life and receive clarity and guidance.

♡Q & A – Speak with me about your spiritual gifts and how to better understand and refine them.

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