♡Unrequited Love♡

The pain that lasts a lifetime of a love that never was.
A heart that beat so passionately, slowed to a dull pulse.
The ecstasy of bloom, became the loss of a seed.
The longing stopped, but the soul ached and bleed.
Frozen in time, the heart closed to protect the shattered pieces.
The remanance of what was, faded with the seasons.
The hope was lost, and all felt empty without reason.

Nothing made sense in the universe when two hearts could not become one.
The one heart held hostage in glass, the other pleading with God’s son.
The denial of their love was due to the glass between the two.
He didnt want to break again, and she had nothing left to lose.
The love that was sent, never returned home. The love that could heal the world, got lost down a black hole.
What was hidden now turns to coal.
He had his wish in his hand, but chose to leave the story left untold.

The eminence of love never truly dies.
It gets hidden in the shadows way deep down inside.
The suffering it causes is the death of God himself.
When love is abandoned, faith goes on the shelf.
It leaves her soul listless, and turns the world grey.
Heart broken, she dies behind the glass, as he lives for another day.
Love leaves his memory, but his heart cries the things it didn’t say.
Nothing hurts worse, than this universal truth gone astray.

~ Violet Rays Jane

Song🎶: Kate Nash – Nicest Thing💜

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