🖤🔥Re-Awakening the Serpent Within🐉👑

She calls to you, she screams for you to remember. She burns deep inside you until you let her fire burn, until you fully Surrender.

She will not wait until you are ready, she will not withhold you any pain. She will burn you until you stop resisting who the fuck you are. She will leave you no choice but to bow to her divinity. She will remind you that you’re here to blast away the smoke and mirrors of this illusive world, and light up the darkness with her otherworldly fiery.

Her fire is not to be feared, her fire is not to be ignored. It is more powerful than any hu-man limitation or conceptualized belief. She is capable of errupting the biggest volcanic mountains until all there is left is ash. She is here to remind you of your greatest lesson, and nothing is more important than this truth ~ Love cannot exist where there is still fear, and you cannot hide from what you fear the most. Nothing is more powerful than her flame, and when you honour her fire, you know death, and when you no longer fear her burn, you know God.🔥💜💫🙇🏻‍♀️

~ Violet Rays Jane


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