It has always been God💙♾💜A Truth About TwinFlames

There are only so many of us returning to earth to unite & meet again this time around who resonate as a “twinflame”. That is because we are of the same frequency and soul group on this specified mission, but in my 10 yrs on the Twinflame journey, I know there are multiple souls I remember, I love, I honour, and each have changed me forever and activated my heart more and more, however not one is “The One”. Others that identify as “twins” and “144” can feel like they could be yours, but they are just the closest resonance to your blueprint of Source and sent to help you rememeber your own divinity.

Remember, outside the human form, we are only light, in pure form. Pure Love. Our experience here is to play, and bring heaven to earth. Complex on this planet yes, but simple in concept cosmically.

The energy has been very strong lately regarding messages about relationship, the telepathy has been insane, past life recall, etc. (I’ve had telepathy with multiple Divine Masculines, so this is not the marker of your definitive twin)
We are merging more and more shifting how we relate and how we connect in our human forms. The next few months we will feel this more and more. As more of us unite energetically and physically as soul family, the love and connections increase, the love of ourself does to, and partners will surely show up in this space.殺

So many people speak of twinflames and believe they are one, but to be honest most are caught in a fantasy of the illusion (highly marketed now in the spiritual community not their fault). They get caught up in wishing for this love, in obsession, and to be included as such. That’s ok, it sends them on a healing journey and is beautiful regardless, it’s just sad for so many to be led astray. Every soul will find their way out on their own accord to their truth and surrender this.珞

My dears, we are small in number (you know who you are) and this story has become a new age fad. It is thrown around and has become it’s own form of brainwashing, distortion, and distraction. However, I am guided to remind you to get back to YOU!‍♀️

This is serious work as we are here to heal this planet, not play in addiciton or egoic fantasy. (We are here to just play, however 殺) We are here to unite with God, to collapse the separation in all dimensions and all timelines on this planet and bring it back into oneness. If you have been on this journey for a long time, you know how real it is. I identify as a Divine Feminine, however, I have also known for years my higher self is united and my “counterpart” (the part of me still in separation) is not in human form, “he” is in another realm. Even when I say “he” that means I’m speaking of something outside myself, seperate, only because earth still holds the frequency of duality, and as do I. “He”, that love, that I cannot even describe how intense it is, “God” is the only word worthy, speaks thru other souls to me, he sends me gifts and bursts of love energy, but he is not here with me humanly…yet. He is God I’ll just say that. When the veils of dimensions are fully surrendered “he” or my higherself in fullness will send a human and we will be magnetized together to support each other while we finish our Last cycle here on earth. This is my story, not yours, so no need to argue in comments.

True love is Divine, and when we fully align, our God & Goddess within and without will arrive.

There may be one true love throughout your life that you know does not compare to the rest. It may be your “other half”. I have met only one real deal of a twinflame couple, and all I am saying is Love of yourself is the mission, which transcends to loving the world by being in Love.

Let go, remember you are here for you, and as you unite within, you unite with God. God is your counterpart. When a human realizes their God essence, then another God will meet you there in human form.

~ Violet Rays Jane

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