Starseeds, TwinFlames, Lightworkers, Healers, Leaders, Changemakers! Together…WE RISE!

Raise Your Frequency, Set Yourself Free & Live Abundantly in 4 & 5D

Self(Love) Discipline, with Unwavering Belief is the KEY!


WE came to this earthly school to overcome all obstacles, and THRIVE as walk each other home. WE cannot, and are not here to do this alone.

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*Access the QUANTUM space & activate your EXTRASENSORY ABILITIES as the Multidimensional X-MEN you are!

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Emily has helped hundreds of people heal, and REMEMBER who they are. It’s time to love you, and choose you, and show yourself what you can do! No matter where you are on your Ascension journey, you’re in the right place.

This is a formal invitation to finally be able to do the soul work you came here to do, and FINALLY meet the person of your dreams… You!

You are your OWN guru, OWN healer, OWN boss, and it’s time you stepped into your sovereignty to share your multidimensional gifts with the World.
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Join our community, and meet other Starseeded souls like yourself, who walk the path of the warrior, feel like family, and want to be liberated from all limitations. Let’s light up this world together in infinite power and imagination, to bring heaven to earth as we planned.

WE RISE COMMUNITY of Cosmic GODS & Healers Coming JUNE 2023!

Welcome All Starseeds Seekers! WE are here to BRING IT TO LIGHT & it is FINALLY your time to SHINE.

What’s Included

Elizabeth April ~ Intuitive Channeler for the Galactic Federation of Light, Youtuber, #1 Best Selling Author

Emily Led Starseeds on CE-5 Meditations alongside Reuben Langdon, best known for his Series on GAIA – Interviews with ED throughout California, From Joshua Tree to Mt. Shasta.

Emily Violet Rays Jane

Cosmic Channel, Ascension & Twinflame Guide, Arcturian Shaman, Soul Empowerment Coach, Portal Gatekeeper

“She knew only pain, until pain found her in love. Her death was her gateway to Life” – Violet Rays Jane

It’s the Return to Innocence. It’s the Return of Unconditional Love!

As we ascend in frequency, learning how to navigate the energies, step into your full power, and become an unshakeable force connected to Source is what you will find here!

Raise Your Frequency, Remember your Souls Dream, Live an Abundant Life, & Access the Universal Love Within!

  • Are you ready to own more of your light, by shifting your awareness to your daily routines, habits, and relationships, thereby ELEVATING your own CONSCIOUSNESS?
  • Are you willing to commit to rescuing the parts of you, going deep in shadow work HEALING through inner child’s play and creative expression?
  • Are you excited to have more energy daily through learning energy management techniques in order for you to EXIT this mind MATRIX, and end karmic loops of the embedded programs keeping you stuck in addictions, dramas, and emotional turbulence.
  • Are you ready to TRANSFORM your sensitives into powerful PSYCHIC tools and access your higher self, retrieve past lives to heal your ANCESTRAL LINEAGE, and awaken the power of your STARSEED DNA & Divine Archetypes?
  • Are you done with codependent behaviours, connections, and uphill battles with others by levelling up in boundaries, SELF WORTH, and CONFIDENCE.
  • Is your heart ready to receive more LOVE, to dance, play, and walk fearlessly in your highest integrity and live out your DHARMA?
  • Do you want to WRITE your new living story and attract your true SOULMATE or TWINFLAME, or more intimately connect with your partner through understanding your souls journey together and heal karmic connections.
  • Do you want to learn to trasverse the multi-dimensions using the MAGIC of COSMIC SHAMANISM, learn to clear contracts, protection practices, and know who your SPIRIT HELPERS are whether it be of Galactic assistance, angels, animal guides, elementals, etc.?
  • Are you ready to shift your BELIEF to be able to MANIPULATE TIME and SPACE, and MANIFEST your birthright of abundance by connecting to the Golden Light, your FUTURE SELF and HIGHEST TIMELINE?
  • Are you ready to turn your most painful lessons into your PURPOSE & POWER and embody the greatest potential of YOU?!
By Believing in your own light, you can shine your way home.

~ Violet Rays Jane


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Guided Meditations, Healing Ceremonies, Collective Channelling, Group Readings, and Workshops on Ascension Tools, Healing, & Multidimensional Living. 

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