Emily has such a strong and nurturing presence. Her readings come directly from Source, and flow effervescently through her. I felt so connected to what she was seeing, I could not believe the accuracy, and it was the confirmation I needed to put me on the right path. I’m so grateful she was able to share her unique gifts with me. I would 100% recommend her to anyone. She’s the best!

~ Jocelyn, San Diego, California USA

~ GianFranco, Florida, USA

Oscar, Mexico City, Mexico

~ Ana, Seattle, Washington USA

I received a reading from Emily last fall and it turned out to be quite the experience as everything that was mentioned came to reality exactly as it was described it would, for example I was first advised I would be leaving my current residence in the summer and that there was some deception involved and I was quite surprised as I had no intention on leaving and sure enough I was out of my place in June, Emily then told me I’d be moving mid July which I did and even described the new place and mentioned seeing a lot of wood features and that is exact what happened, I was also given a lot of good advice and recommendations, great experience and quite helpful. Would absolutely recommend and definitely give a 5 star rating.

Aaron, St. Catharines, Canada

Emily has been guiding me since 2017. She’s always spot on! Open minded and never judging me no matter what I’m going through in my life. I can always count on her. She’s literally the best reader I have ever came across! She does it like nobody. Thank you for everything.

~ Nith S., India
I’m so grateful for Emily’s support in the last many years that I’ve been doing energetic work with her.
Her knowledge & deep spiritual energy has brought up so many emotions, revelations and clarifications for me.
I’ve been doing readings, coaching since 2017 with Emily including intuitive energy work, and each of them where different, intense and incredible and acted as an eye opener. The path to heal is not easy but she’s here with her kind and empath energy, to make you feel hopeful and supported for the journey ahead. I’ve been finding ways to ground myself with her personal help and that’s a never ending journey.
I wish for everyone to experience her magical energy.
Thank you Emily for being you, with your special beautiful gift.

~ Marine B., Paris, France

I first met Emily when a woman I went to school with suggested I contact her after my little girl kept talking about a man upstairs. She responded to my message extremely quick and we scheduled for her to come to my house within days. When she came to my house, she made me feel comfortable and right away validated the reason for my daughters and, my anxiety. She spent some time meditating upstairs and when she came back down, she explained to me who the spirit was and why he was hanging around. She did some Reiki and some prayers to cleanse the bedrooms. She then gave me a few ideas on how I can keep the spirit away. My daughter never mentioned the man upstairs ever again. Desperate for answers during a crisis, I contacted Emily before Christmas for a psychic reading. We didn’t keep in touch and she was on the other side of the world and she described my situation at the time exactly and told me things that I couldn’t even imagine would happen in my future. I was shocked at some of the things she said. I was also a little skeptical. But A lot of what she predicted that day, has already come true! She even got it down to an exact time line! I was super impressed, even though I was scared. She wasn’t even afraid to tell me things that I didn’t necessarily want to hear, but she knew that I needed hear to get out of the rut that I was in. That was when I recommended her to my entire family. After a few months, I then came back to Emily when I started going through one of the hardest times of my life for spiritual and wellness counselling. We now talk about once a month. She always has time to accommodate me in her schedule, and every time we connect I leave our conversations feeling a little bit lighter! She listens without judgement, and reassures me with what she knows I need to hear at that time. Emily has been a big part of my support system and I am grateful.

~Stef B., Niagara Falls,Canada

Thank you SOO much for this reading! I can genuinely say that A LOT of what you reffered to is happening in my life right now which is crazy and there was a lot of soul healing done by this reading and it was much needed so I am extremely grateful!

~ Tamara, Toronto, Canada

~Sage, Mt Shasta California, USA

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