Dear Boddhisattva

May the golden light you possess flow like the river, and your cells remember the essence you mirror. You are aware dear one as the ending of your mission is getting nearer. Let it wash away the suffering of others that you carry. As the golden gates open to now joyfully transcend for you what has lifted so many, may you gracefully return to unity. May your heart that has felt the spectrum of human emotions ascend to blissful eternal love as you melt away duality. In the depth of light as Children of the Sacred Sun, you are finally returning home for infinity. The sun that rises and sets on this plane will continue to, because of your honourable sacrifice and solitude. May the ascension into the 4th chakra bless all of mankind, so you may meet together as one and bare witness to this Holy time. The light is shining so bright, it blinds all that were blind, and sings to those that can see. You’re time has come to embrace your destiny. Dear Bodhisattva, you are free.

~ Violet Rays Jane

Heal your emotional body. Discover your inner wisdom. Ignite your soul’s purpose.

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