Rhythm of Life

Which path to walk
Which part to surrender
Which stone left unturned
Am I the pretender?
Soul depleted, heart yearns
Memories forgotten, memories burned
I see and know nothing, when will the lessons be learned
All is dark and absent, yet fully lit in presence upon our return
The sky is secretive
I ask it for help
All directions, all elements
The land is deeply felt
The end is the beginning
I see us all winning
But when will fate debate the underlying escape
For it is little to late to embrace this disheveled state
To find peace of mind in the nick of time
When all I keep hearing is to surrender to the Divine
I see no answer
I feel lost in time
The portal of this vessel is intertwined trapped in this human design
Only now, answers how
I ask for clarity, knees to the ground
No more distain for all the pain
I alchemize the fire that burns in my veins
Where will we meet
When will we kiss
The sun is my source
The ocean my bliss
I pray for this day to show me the way
Back home to myself where there is no dismay
No more illusion, no more led astray
The rhythm of life is the sound of the Violet Ray
Hear her bellow, hear her say
Love from this bleeding heart is the only way
She listens, she prays
She must make a choice, she must go or stay
There is no more denying or running away
Here she lands, here she stays
One second of silence, and everything will be ok.
~ Violet Rays Jane

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