♡From Your Future Self♡

I love you when no one is watching.
I send you angels during struggle and strife.
If only you knew what was waiting.
You’d pull out that jaded knife.

It is not them who put it in your heart.
It was you who embraced the blade.
You know it wasn’t your fault.
Please forgive yourself again.

If you only knew what was waiting.
You’d wake up and try again.
Your dreams have all come true.
This game is all pretend.

You know your gifts and talents.
You feel the love inside.
So when you chose to trust in another over your own voice.
These dreams keep being pushed aside.

I love you in the pits of your darkness.
I love you with your aligned intentions standing tall.
Your dreams are alive in every breath.
I’m writing you as proof, you Do & Be it ALL.

When you smile and laugh, I feel free.
When you rest when needed, I feel peace.
As you’re reading this, feel the passion to keep going.
Know the future world awaits you, and my grip will never cease.

Believe in one more chance is another day.
The power is in the truth of your love.
The sun shines as your source and guide.
We have nothing to fear or hide from.

I love you, let’s rejoice all we’ve survived.
No challenge will ever cause us to divide.
We’ve surrendered to death more than enough times.
This is a reminder to open back up your heart and rise.

Remember why you risked it all, and broke out?
There is no stopping or losing faith while in the clouds.
Creation is on the other side of this wall.
Remember the day you felt freedom and screamed allowed!

May you remember to protect your energy.
Give more to yourself, and say less to be accepted and understood.
Be gentle in the moments of tenure.
Remember to breathe, and let go to make room for what’s good.

I Love You.

💜Emily Jane



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