Break Free from the life you feel stuck in & Start living the life you want!

Setting yourself free is a choice. I know this is a bold statement, but I’m speaking from a place of experience, so I know it may not be easy to digest or believe, but it is Indeed a fact. It is the only way to take your life back, and it comes down to owning your mind, and by making a decision.

To decide, is to liberate – To liberate, is a choice. In order for you to awaken to the possibilities available to you, you must first decide that your life is yours. You may not realize the life you’ve been living has been run by others and that you are merely a prisoner of it. The result of Being a prisoner displays in the following: It begins to affect your mental health such as In apathy or unhappiness, depression, anxiety, chronic complaining, negativity, Addiction issues, health issues, etc. These are all signs that your soul is in fact suppressed and detained. These are what you must listen to because your body communicates the needs, or unmet needs of your soul. When any or all of these symptoms present, you have become a prisoner in suffering where your power has been taken from you unconsciously, meaning you have actually given it away unknowingly, and in order to heal and set yourself free, you must take this power back consciously.

Everything comes down to believing that we have a choice, even when we don’t see options outside of our current reality. In survival, We can make choices we may have never made from a trauma response perspective in order to stay safe. We can regret such things, but can release attachment to that shame in knowing we made the choices based on what we could see available to us at that time. Then, awareness arises from such experiences to show us we CAN trust In ourselves TO survive raising our inner strength and power, and then transcending our belief to the universe. In that space, we have more accessible to us than ourselves alone, which can completely open the doors of Choice to expand our mind to take a leap of faith beyond logic.

Look to the vastness of the lands, look to power of the great oceans, look to the artistry of the twinkling stars and solar systems, and see the possibilities. Choose to believe, and your belief, will choose you.

Exit the prison of the matrix limits, and enter the limitless capacity of the soul.

If you want It bad enough, It’s already yours.

I love you, and believe In you!❤️✨🌅

Violet Rays Jane

To See the Youtube Video more on this topic:

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