Weightless Immunity

Today, I can choose where I want to go and why; if I want to participate or observe; if I want to expose myself, or retract into whatever mystical realm I feel like envisioning. I can choose to explain my choices to you, or be silent and still like a majestic flower in a field of interwoven grasses. However I want to be… I will be. If I want to breathe life into my every thought and manifest each one into this physical reality… I can. I can let my peripatetic thoughts rule my world, or I can dismiss them like I would an overtired and cranky child who is whining for my attention. This life is about being who you’ve always wanted to be and continuously nurturing who you really are. No more masks and no more balls and chain. The chains that latch my wrists together were the ones that I had created. I allowed the dense weight of limiting beliefs, unfortunate spirit suppressing experiences, and the open wound inside me to stagnate my forward movement. The balls I have been relentlessly dragging were also by choice, but due to lack of awareness I had accepted them simply as burdens that were my fate to carry. Now that I see the true work of gravity with such colossal and unnecessarily harmful attachments – my choice is to be free.

I am free to believe in things that matter, or that don’t in the bigger scheme of things. I can display behaviour that goes against those beliefs, or become my own rigid castle with no draw bridge to walk across. Connections within your heart are all that you truly own. I don’t own a moment with someone, we contribute to it together to create something in time that we can never recreate. What I own is that feeling I had that only my cells can articulate. Saying goodbye to that moment is one of the hardest realizations I have had. The freedom to live through my memories is a golden option, however equally torturous and inhibiting as I linger within that cyclical movement. When I chase the illusion of what has passed, it removes my present freedom.

How about the perplexing thought of what IS real and what is real freedom? I have the freedom to determine my own reality, varying my perspectives during this enlightening experience in boundless space and time that man tries to define. But who is to discern this? Are my words real simply because you can see them in a tangible format that can be accessed because they are cemented in this vast virtual world? Was the moment I first saw you real when I became submerged in that utterly euphoric feeling that caused my blood to rush to places within my body that I never knew fathom-ably possible? If no one else could see it or feel it but me, was it real? Did I freely feel and experience that moment in time? Is time real?

Every moment we have is another opportunity to be real, free and experience whatever the fuck we want to experience. Sometimes it feels like what we label as time, is actually the restricting factor to mastering our own potential. Death is the underlying fear for many – this I will let you ponder in your time. We can waste it, be controlled by it, forget it, lose it, appreciate it, wish we had more of it, regret it, or take advantage of it. It is something we have no control over nor should we attempt to force such nonsense. I am free to be void of pain, explode in spontaneity, be ambiguous and reckless, forget my dreams, live in a forest, believe in miracles, and navigate in the reality of my choosing. Where are you right now?… In what space and time? Are you lugging around security based fallacies? Are you a flying fairy because today you choose magic as your religion? Immunity from the desperate illusion of any rules except for your own, is when being weightless is formed.

God bless🌟

Violet Rays Jane, Wellness Specialist

Heal your emotional body. Discover your inner wisdom. Ignite your soul’s purpose.

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    You have an amazing way with words!


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