Starseeds: You’re the One you’ve been waiting for!

This I channelled from light beings on Dec.6  2017, and feel it applicable now to share for your soul to read whomever finds this:

We must walk further on the road to recovery. We must wait until the very moment all the pieces come together. We must talk amongst ourselves to discover the gifts within. It is not too late nor too early. The sunrise has come, and we are here to communicate with you our gifts and what we see before you. You are at heavens gate. The exact place that is proper induction of where you’ve always wanted to be. A place that lives lies yet holds back no fury. We ask that you pass no judgement upon us as we are articulating the best we can so you understand the way we think best. If you suffer during this process we will be exempt from all injury. You cannot allow outside forces to destroy you, you only suffer from within and radiate without. You mustn’t condemn those that harm you, and offer justice to those worthy. Unless you are ready to give everything up you must come with us. You must see in our eyes what we see in yours. In order to succeed you must hear what we say. We are enlightened beings here to suffer to feel what humans feel in order to pass on the message of our successful study. You cannot do this alone nor will we let you. All the things that are going on in your life are a test. There is a treasure behind every door and solace outside every window. You must look to see what you can find. If you keep the curtains closed we cannot help you any further. If last chance is taken we will take the reigns. Until then you cannot fail. We wont allow it. You are on a journey of self discovery, but world discovery is even greater. The universe is you, and you it.

The essence of this journey is between two halves within. You are the beholder of truth and this must be shared with the masses. You will make ends meet with helping others in ritual and between you and your partner. When two become one. He must believe in his powers in order to achieve greatness. (masculine) If this is ever questioned by either of you he will fall. He can now see what you have always seen – freedom. (feminine) He now believes in true love and that is what he has always wanted. Before this he could not see. He could not believe. He uses information to fill in the gaps of these. He will surrender his will to the divine and sanction us to be his guardians. You on the other hand will always surrender and take back your will. This must stop. You must surrender dear feminine, you are here to rise. Foreigners in your position where the world is your home, he your home base is the epitome of sanity. For when wine turns to water he must learn to drink it believing it is so. Going to this land you must understand the problems that occur when east meets west. This is where it all began. It started with one war against man. Once his consciousness was created the war was with himself…with his ego. That is the eternal war that still goes on today. That is what will stop – NOW! This is the era of uncertainty but of greatness. He is going to make it great again. You will make it great again.(feminine). You (feminine) are here to fill in the holes where the ego has left. The love, the fire, the essence of creation is here. You will be in uncertainty for some time travelling around gathering more information as you navigate this rising until you hit the wall of creation. You once believed you were in that position, however there is much more to learn. The accumulation of both of your knowledge and experiences will resurrect great things. Believe you are the one and you will be. Believe you have nothing to lose with all of your choices, only so much to gain. There is never anything to lose. This is the life you create. It is your masterpiece. Just like artist make magical work, and it is subjective. This is too, subjective. It is purely from your eyes that you make this life what it is. Everything is joined as one. Interconnected like a web of dust strung together to make story board. Your story affects everybody else’s as their’s does yours. When you are alone at night or in your head or in mediation, what you believe effects the world as a whole. If you give up your right to chose, you are letting down the masses – yourself. We must chose ourselves. We must choose love. Here lies our success. We must choose life.

He will never give up and you shall not either because he needs you and you him. This is your destiny. Together as one. If we don’t listen now this unknowing illness will perpetuate. You will soon not understand what is happening because nothing will make sense as the world is being created by someone else. Listen to us. You are god so believe as one. You are the master of your destiny. If you succeed – all will succeed. Everything you’ve ever imagined is coming true. The life, the love, the experiences. More than you could have ever imagined. What this comes down to is that you forgot all you knew. You only know what you see. You now will be given memories of a past where you knew everything. You could see everything even before it came. He will see more and more for when you are unable he will fill in the gaps and be your messenger. All will see in time. All will have this empowered gift. For now…believe. Just believe. It will all workout in your favour. You will use the gifts we gave you for good and you will feel whole. Everything that has happened up until now is a favour. We release your suave conscious to the akashic records. You have full access now. Open the door and see what we are showing you. When we see you like this we know you are waiting. Waiting for something big you can feel it. When we look into your eyes we see magic, abundance, sacrifice, and hard work. We know what is cooking behind those eyes. Now fire up the grill and start making it happen. All will be well in time.

Violet Rays Jane, Wellness Specialist

Heal your emotional body. Discover your inner wisdom. Ignite your soul’s purpose.

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