Ascension Tips

Balancing Your Energy

We are 99.9% Energy, and our energy is directly related to the state of our nervous system. The nervous system, or CNS, is our physical connection to our Chakras aka Energy Centres. In order to best balance and maintain your energy, it is of upmost importance to be mindful of where you put your energy (where attention goes energy flows), and to balance the state of your CNS. Stress and stimulants can cause an eradic array of cortisol production that can leave you very drained, tired, unfocused, and imbalanced. Are you giving more than you have? When we are challenged, Aka AN Energy Leak/Drained, that means that one of the energy Centres is imbalanced, or even disconnected.

So…Here are some Tips to Restore:

Meditation, Barefoot Grounding, Breathwork, AM or PM sun gazing, Naps when needed, Salt Baths, Exercise, and Mineral Water Hydration are all great ways to support yourself. Crystals can also support you with your energy, as well as supplements such as Ashwagandha for a calming effect, or Shilajit for energy production.

With so many higher frequencies coming thru at this time, our bodies can respond in various kinds of ways to be able to hold them as well and be integrated. It is our responsibility to take care of our own energy! (CNS)🤗 In order to have lots of it!💫 AND feel Good🥰

Limit screen time when possible and use a Blue light filter, turn off your wifi at night, & make sure to check in and listen to what your body needs.🙏 And make sure you remember, that you are a gift to this world💚🌏 Self Love is how you can best honour your gift🙏

Violet Rays Jane, Wellness Specialist

Heal your emotional body. Discover your inner wisdom. Ignite your soul’s purpose.

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