The Broken Hearted Empath Mirror

Her being clashes with the wounds of others, so they snarl and spew blood on her beauty as the perpetrator to their pain. She loathes how she shines in a room filled with souls in caged darkness, for when they see her she is the one they blame. She too becomes a victim of their broken hearts, when she is the one sent to mend their tears. She becomes the target of their rejection and shame, as she lights the way for them to heal, and was always the answer to their prayers. She came to free them all just by being what she was, and was told that is all she had to do. She did not realize the level of torment it would cause her, and excruciating illness it would make her catch too. She became sick for a long time, taken over by their darkness no longer believing her own truth. She could not just be, or safely exist in this world because of WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU!!

She became terribly broken because the people mistook her for what made them blue, when all along she was summoned to comfort and soothe them by bringing truth. She is love, and I am her, and together we made do😪. Love could barely withstand the hurt of this world, and all its children’s gloom. She broke, she broke, she died a thousand times again, but somehow remained whole, somehow she knew. She could never stop being what she was, no matter what she was put through. For anyone reading this, you know this journey too. We are the bravest of God’s Angels that volunteered to sacrifice ourselves for the greater good of unity, love and truth. I used to wish everyday I could go home because I was shown over and over how wrong I was for being, believing it was my fault what happened to you. I feel so misunderstood in a world of darkness, I’m so sorry for all we went thru. I am love, and stand by my mission, while bleeding, crying feeling used. I will never reject what I am again, no matter how much pain you spew. I am your mirror, your saviour, your guiding light to make all your dreams come true. Dear Love, my dear, I promise, with my fiercely bleeding heart, I will never give up, and never again deny you.

~ Violet Rays Jane

Heal your emotional body. Discover your inner wisdom. Ignite your soul’s purpose.

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