Born to Love

Born to Love♡
Born to Remember
Born to Surrender to the infinite contender
Born with eyes that dive ocean deep
Born with a heart that cracks with every beat
Born with a mind that reaches beyond space and time
Born with eccentric thoughts of rhythm and rhyme
Born with a smile that will grab your attention for awhile
Born with a spirit rebellious and wild
Born with an ear that hears frequencies for years
Born with two to listen to you
Born with the courage to fight demons and fears
Born with resilience to transmute using tears

Born with intent, passion, and determination
Born relentlessly driven to heal for liberation
Born with a tongue that can soothe or sting
Born with a song still yet to sing
Born with a mission to make waves in everything
Born with a knowing that we are not here for suffering
Born with a back that grows angel wings
Born with shoulders that can carry the weight of the world
Born with the desire to help every boy and girl
Born with the focus on only one thing
That love is the answer, and this is what I bring.♡

~ Violet Rays Jane

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