Those that lead, fear not the judgement of others, but the power within themself. They do not care for what you think of them, but about what you think of yourself. They are here to show you how to set yourself free, beyond the misery of your own seperateness and faculties. For those that break the constructs of linear time, are a threat to those who hold the clock and count every dime. You may feel triggered in their presence, but this is their gift to you. When you realize all they did was stand in their light, you understand the inherent truth. We are all here to rise, the leader battles just as hard as you. They are not any better than any other man, if you knew the hell they walked through. They just never gave up even at their last breath, learned the painful lessons, and decided to make their dreams come true. To be who they’ve become, you would see the fight you have yourself, is definitely an invitation to heal, and face what you have to do. To love your innerchild like it was a child you birthed yourself, you would risk everything to make them feel safe, and ensure their happiness and health. The leader is born when they reclaim their power back, rise and take a stand. They inspire you to make a choice, and become your own biggest fan. This is the path to wholeness as you radically accept yourself. What happens next is you look in the mirror and the leader is yourself. You decided to rescue the parts of you, you kept hidden away scared in the darkness, dusty on the shelf. You made a choice to surrender your resistance, and received the true teachings, that every…single…piece…of your existence, is GOD and nothing else.

~ Violet Rays Jane

If you are looking for guidance or support on your healing awakening journey, please see “Services” page, and/or email violetraysjane@hotmail.com

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