Divine Goddess

This is the Essence of the Divine Goddess.

🔥She is worshipped, she is powerful, she is the mystery inside your temptations, and ring of fire inside your rage. She invokes the incessant lust of men to yearn to be devoured. She is Aphrodite, Istarte, Inanna, Kali, Lilith, and makes warriors drop to their knees, and receives graciously at their surrender. Her words will put you in a trance, and her vibe will ignite the insatiable desires in the depths of your soul. She is wild, she is naked, she is heaven and hell inside of a spell, and she will never be yours. She will never be owned. She will tempt you, she will challenge you, she will ravage you from the inside out, but she will never chose you. You must first prove you can withstand her blazing fire, match her unlimited power, and breathe the all knowing of her ancient texts. She will never chose an earthly man, for only a God can become her lover, and a fearless leader of men to become her king.🔥👸

~Violet Rays Jane


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