Prophesized to Unify

The Galactic Wars are alive in the Now. This 3D world has become too A.I. to be allowed. The blood thirsty rulers are here to psiphon our souls. They use frequency & genetic manipulation, and reverse the poles. As humans we are Gods, yet to them we are matrix slaves used for experiments bred to mine gold.

The distorted shadows are no longer hidden. They encroach our field like the cold night, but know we will forgive them. They cannot exist in the sight of the light warrior tribe. We are too bright for their lies, and they will surrender in their demise. We are guided from within, receive help from the skies, and aren’t afraid to die. We know we walk in grace as our hearts close the divide. We listen to our ancestors whispering in our ears ~ “Our army walks inside you,” as multiple dimensions appear. We are the holy grail stolen by the nephilim. The product of lustful incest, we came back to clear all sins. We are the rainbow tribe who open the portals back to god, that were raided by our fallen brothers who created this facade. Love of our Divine Mother is here to heal all slights, and transmute duality back into oneness, where all darkness turns to light.

~ Violet Rays Jane

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