The human consciousness is a juxtaposition of carelessness, and intent with thought. You oversee such madness, but are not always paying attention. What lies inside is the crux that leaves you emotionless. You die when you supersede the envious nature of man. For love is all there is to attain, let the search is the game. How can one search for what is already given. The name of this game is surrender. Surrender to what is to become what was that you seek to be. Your desires will go unmet until you realize your lack is your fortune. What you think, you already know. The joint nature of the heart and mind is one of coming to age. We are uniting as fortunate sons and daughters of the Beloved ONE, and this is cause for celebration. We will soon see the light that always was. We will soon feel the love that never ended. Soon, is now, and now is where the infinite resides.

Violet Rays Jane

Wellness Specialist

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