Dear Divine Masculine

We stand in sensual vulnerability, recovering our power that was taken. Then we meet a wolf in sheeps clothing to remind us how we were once destroyed and forsaken. Our openness and warm energy is luminous and bright, but will not remain when taunted by your inner shame and pain.

The truth exists in your core and is always there, but the old wounds that left us bare set us up to be another victim to now repair. One part of you offers us a safe container to elevate our blissful love, the other feels like a predator moving in on, and circling their prey from up above.

We must protect the sacred union & rise despite the fact you lust & sexualize. We have lived this story far too many times, and know you crave our essence to give you power in your life. Your desires are for lust & to use our love for gain, but by using external energy rather than accessing within, we are hurting, yearning for a chance to unite again.

You must heal yourselves as we do the same. We too share the imbalance, it just needs a name. We dance in the wild, and NO we cannot be tamed. We know what our work is and we can join together to assist one another, please just stop playing this game!

Masculine you fear our power, but we do not want to own you. You can desire our beauty, but owning takes two. It is the twin flame within that when United will harmonize. You may have ascended with knowledge, but emotionally you’re compromised. We both have it all inside us, the memory is coming clear. You know we need each other, and our eternal love is everything my dear.

With classic narcissistic traits you envy what you cannot have, when we know you know it is all within. We can only embody our feminine to help eradicate this lie you spin.We will become one, and balance our divine love. We bless you, we love you, and hold space for you to meet us both down below and up above.

Violet Rays Jane, Wellness Specialist

Heal your emotional body. Discover your inner wisdom. Ignite your soul’s purpose.

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