One Girl’s Wish

You poison our food, you poison our water, you poison the minds of our sons and daughters. You create a flu and you shut down the world, then run amuck in the media screaming BOO! You tell me it’s not OK to show my face, when I’m healthy, but alone and blue. You tell me it’s not safe to breathe, but I’m skin and bones too.

You tell me to be afraid when I don’t think you know what fear really is. I’ve lived through so much abuse, trauma, and illness, your lies of fear cannot touch this. You knew for over a century what you were doing to this earth and your people. War, poverty, prostitution, mandatory institutions, and environmental destruction is what you sowed and all we know. When all along you made us believe we were all good and you had our best interest in tow.

I’m here to spread truth and love and set myself free. I’m here to help you and this world rebuild community. When I am out without a mask, I am looked at like I am a terrorist or as if I have leprosy. I live with a broken heart knowing what I know, and feel sorry for the fear of this flu and the lies that have gotten to you. We have this one life and our earth mother is dying. If they really cared for us, this time around wouldn’t have been so trying. This has been centuries in the making, do not think they didn’t know. All they are doing to us and this planet is a fucking shit show!They want to control us and use all the resources we have. The animals are dying and the oceans are sad. If you had one chance to save your home and family from ravaging to the ground, do you have the courage to make a fucking sound?

I want to be clear, I shed a lot of tears, but my heart beats with fiery. My only wish in life is to stop this suffering with all my might. And as long as I am breathing I will never give up this fight.So kill me now ‘cause I’m not leaving. You cannot scare me anymore, I’ve survived too much. I’ve been brought to my knees and faced the devil himself. He feeds on fear, hatred, greed and wants you left powerless all by yourself. Together with love is how we win, and to believe in your heart is not a sin.We need to remember how powerful we are! Our minds and beliefs can make us sick or make us soar. Stop for a second and remember the child unborn.Will this world be a safe healthy home, or will it only be a memory to mourn. I love you, I love you, and I will say it a thousand time more. If you think my words are untrue or my heart is unkind, please remember I am YOU. We all come from the same place and live here under the same sun. Most days all I want to do is escape, fight or run.

Today I decided to share my soul to let you know I see all of you. I do not care what you own, or what you do. All I care about is this world living again like new.

Together this dream can rise and I know it is coming true.

Violet Rays Jane, Wellness Specialist

Heal your emotional body. Discover your inner wisdom. Ignite your soul’s purpose.

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